Meghan's Krew Story

My purpose is to inspire those that have given up, to help people that are ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ and show them that getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard. I firmly believe we deserve to have a vibrant, healthy, and happy life. I designed Full Spectrum Nutrition to deliver an individualized approach to get you where you want to be.

I know, because I have been there myself.

“Meghan, I am sorry to have to tell you this but we can’t tell you why your body is shutting down but it is and it is getting more aggressive. I think you need to go ahead and make arrangements.”

This was the sentence that started it all. A journey that began with the greatest joy I had ever known, the birth of my son, and turned in to my body shutting down system by system. At age 21 I had developed early onset Menopause, Insulin Resistant Type II Diabetes, was on a heart attack prevention protocol, and had developed 2 different autoimmune diseases. My hair was falling out, I was allergic to the Sun and at one point was on 20 different medications just to function.


I was afraid and extremely confused.

I had been a serious competitive athlete since I was 5, how could this be happening? They must have gotten the results mixed up, right? No.

I had seen specialist after specialist all over the country. Endocrinologists, Diabetes specialists, you name it. No one could figure it out.

After that fateful sentence, I got mad… really mad. Mad at the world and everyone in it. I decided then and there that my son was not going to grow up without a mother. Come hell or high water, I was going to turn this around and live a happy and healthy life…

I started to learn everything I could, reading everything I could get my hands on, but I didn’t have any guidance on what to do with what I was learning. As a result I ended up exhausting myself, a lot. I was overwhelmed with all of the conflicting information. One day bread was good, the next Gluten was the enemy, what was that thing about dairy? Wait, what the heck is Tofu?! Oh! That says Organic! That means it’s got to be healthy!

With the diet obsession came getting rid of any household items that could possibly be toxic. I was paranoid that exposure to these products was the cause, so I began making my own cleaning products (Thank you Pinterest).

Along the way, I began to question everything I thought that I knew. I questioned my faith, what I believed to be right, what I thought was wrong, how to be a good mother. If this sounds obsessive, desperate and extreme, that is because it was obsessive, desperate and extreme.

But still something felt off. I could make a fantastic roast with veggies and a killer window cleaner but felt no genuine fulfillment or sense of improvement. The squeaky clean windows didn’t do anything to wipe away the disdain I felt towards my body, and mind.  I felt like they failed me. So deeper down the rabbit hole I went.

I found myself drawn towards the philosophies that viewed that viewed the body as a whole vs the sum of its parts.  Styles of thinking that focused on recognizing the strengths and power of the body, the light and the dark, all of it was important and connected.  I grieved for the life and body that I had known and began to accept that things weren’t going to magically change overnight.

As I progressed, it seemed like my efforts were working. The Diabetes was reversing, one of the autoimmune diseases was gone, I could actually go outside and not get sunburned, I was losing weight and became more confident with how I looked and what my body could do. I felt so strong and capable for most of the day.

The problem was, I had no idea what I was doing that was effective. I felt like I needed to know what the truth was, and when I learned this, I needed to help other people heal their bodies too.

When your body is treated as a whole, it begins to heal as a whole.

I stumbled upon the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) certification program for Health Coaches, there I got my answers. I learned that food and health looks different for everyone, and that the foods that healed my body could kill someone else. I learned the origins of 100’s of different dietary theories and beliefs. I learned that all of these theories are actually right… for some people.  I learned how I was able to heal my body.

I also learned about the importance of lifestyle, or what I call Primary Food. How powerful happiness, relationships, stress management, career, finances, and education can be. The food you eat, or what I call Secondary Food, can only go so far if your lifestyle is off balance. Everything is connected and builds on each other.

I received my second certification through the International Association for Health Coaches, which allows me to take my practice to any one of eighty-eight countries around the world and learn the specifics of what the people that come from those regions need. Ancestry, birth-place, blood type, lifestyle, all play an important role in understanding the complexities of someone’s body.

I got my Board Certification through the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. This allowed me to understand that food and lifestyle changes can either help medication do its job, or replace the medication entirely, and how I could best assist other medical professionals to help people live their happiest and healthiest lives.

Krew Wellness was born from the realization of how powerful a group of like-minded and supportive individuals can be when working towards goals.

Each member of the Krew is following their own Full Spectrum Nutrition road map. Full Spectrum Nutrition centers on skill building and systems to take you from where you are to where you want to be, in a way that is made specifically for you. It puts an end to yo-yo dieting or gaining the weight right back after you lose it because it picks up where other dietary theories leave off.  By incorporating elements of the mind-body connection, lifestyle, education, fitness, and even financial health you are able to achieve your vision of health, happiness and balance. We believe that by utilizing 1:1 sessions and online group connectivity we can grow and transform, together.  We share successes, ideas, recipes, troubles, and motivate each other to keep moving forward.

Our Krew is backed up by a team of specialized professionals that are at your disposal, and can communicate with each other on your behalf to provide the best possible holistic care.

The truth is, the body is so incredible, it only really needs half a chance and it will start to heal. But it is absolutely critical to talk with someone that takes the time to talk with and get to know you. True healing can’t be done in 7-12 minutes because it is absolutely different for everyone.

We believe health cannot be mass produced, because Bio-individuality dictates that every Body is unique, and the approach should be as individualistic as the person. Our talented team not only helps you figure out what you need, but works to learn how you need the information to be delivered, and will work with you to customize and re-evaluate your plans as your lives change and your goals evolve.

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you, and I am excited to help you succeed, because I’ve been there myself, and I know how far we can come.

We are Krew Strong.